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The second Interior Design brief to be brought to life in the shape of an actual person is the Loft style.

Cool and casual, yet impressive and individualistic. Loft is about borrowing the idea behind the industrial style, but softening it and bringing in lots of interest through colourful artwork and big, or rather, huge, feature pieces!

Mr Loft would have the kind of look that says “I only buy designer labels…. yet you’ll feel absolutely relaxed around me”.
So what would his wardrobe consist of?

Fairly plain key pieces of clothing for a blank canvas to begin with, a trendy and bright coloured designer blazer, fashionable shoes for a bit of fun and big sunnies to complement the oversized feature pieces back at his “humble” abode.

Mr Loft….. comfort meets designer.

What do you think of the result below? What would you change?

The Loft Style