Project Description

Your home is your sanctuary, a place to come to at the end of the day and relax, or to invite friends over on a sunny weekend and be proud of showcasing your welcoming abode. It’s the ideal place to let your personal taste and style shine.

Presentation is everything.

Gerloff Residence РNorth Beach


Photography by Richard Kong

Moving back into a home previously tenanted, the Gerloffs asked for a relaxed coastal feel where they could entertain without being too precious about the finishes and furniture. Having come from a home furnished in black and white, they were very happy to be guided in the right direction to achieve their brief. The living and dining were completely fitted with new pieces, as was the laundry. A limited budget saw the bathroom go through a partial renovation to keep the existing wall tiles as is, while meeting the client’s request for a relaxing bath addition. The secret to keeping costs down but achieving great results is in knowing what is and what isn’t worth investing more on, so you can afford to allocate the budget to what will really create that wow factor.