Project Description

With more and more of us opening up our own businesses, we need our workspace to be functional and suited to our needs. At a time when space is at a premium, we must think outside the box and optimize our office area to make the absolute most of it. Make poor-planning a thing of the past!

Presentation is everything.

Office Renovation


This office’s layout was far from functional. No space for a reception area rendered the foyer useless, while a large storage area designated to the front room was a big waste of precious space. Opening the foyer up to the storage created the much-needed space the client was after. The abnormally-long, narrow powder room was another fine example of poor planning, which left the kitchenette no space to serve much purpose. By switching a couple of walls around, the new bathroom now features a built-in shower for the cycle-to-work days and the kitchenette houses a bar fridge and coffee maker as well… Hard to imagine how the previous owners went without!