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With the Industrial, Retro and Vintage styles comes a revival of a term in interior design: upcycling.

Never heard of it? It’s well worth looking up!

For a man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

How many things do we throw out every day without thinking of what we could turn them into? As a society we tend to replace everything with new. Buy, buy, buy.

Yet the most unique, creative and charming pieces can’t be bought. They can only be transformed.

Check out these amazing ideas below for upcycling books and get started on your next project!

Book Bedside Painted Upcycling Renovation Styling Decor Image Credit

LOVE this bedside. Simple but oh-so-effective.


Books Storage Hidden Retro Upcycling Styling Image Credit

Hidden storage… so clever.


Wedding Table Decor Books Vintage Upcycling Image Credit

For the perfectly creative vintage wedding decor.


Books Bedside Lamp Upcycling Vintage Image Credit

What better bedside lamp for those cosy nights with a book?


Books Pages Decor Art Artwork Frame Cartoon Vintage Upcycling Image Credit

Yes, you’ll find this idea used in the Ikea postcards… but we must admit it’s a good one!


Book Storage Box Jewelry Vintage Upcycling Image Credit

Forget the mirrored jewelry boxes… they are so yesterday! Bring back the charm.